‘Healing Hospitality’

Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve believes in the power of ‘Healing Hospitality’. A people centred complex, passion for hospitality and an open heart.

 Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve:

  • The health care staff at Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Makes it possible for residents to live in their own homes independently for as long as possible with its invisible health care infrastructure, facilities and services in the background;
  • Uses the services of the regional, national and international health care provider, Leyhoeve Zorg. Leyhoeve Zorg guarantees that its care staff is physically available at Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve 24 hours per day, seven days per week to provide the best possible affordable care. Residents never need to move again and couples can stay together in their own homes as long as they wish;
  • Has more than 85 medical suites where the most intensive form of 24 hour care can be provided;
  • Creates a ‘healing environment’ where all the indoor spaces are connected to the complex’s beautiful outdoor spaces;
  • Does not separate partners should one of them need more intensive care than the other;
  • Offers facilities for fully independent living through to intensive care.


Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve:

  • Believes that getting older should be pleasant and is determined by personal needs so that its care meets the needs of the residents;
  • Believes that senior citizens should decide for themselves how they wish to spend their time;
  • Believes that couples should be able to stay together under one room for the rest of their lives;
  • Believes that customised care in the new norm;
  • Believes that residents should only pay for the facilities, services, care/nursing and so on that they use.

Do you too want ‘to grow old together in comfort’?

If you share this dream, or want to share your thoughts about the development of Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve, sign up for an obligation free visit to our fabulous model home by clicking here.