Affordable for everyone

The rent

Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve has different sized residences with floor surface areas of: 67 m²,  85 m²,  100 m², 115 m², 136 m², 150 m² and above. The particular architecture means that not all residences in Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve are identical. This means that one apartment may be a couple of metres smaller or larger than the average size.

The basic rent for a regular  apartment is € 11 per nett square metre of surface area per month. The basic rent for a corner apartment is € 12 per nett square metre of surface area per month. Every home has one balcony of at least 14 m². The balcony is not included in the surface area and is thus not charged!

The basic rent for an average home with a nett floor surface area of 81 m² is € 891 (81 x €11) per month.


Service costs

The service costs for homes up to 100 m² is € 85 per month. The service costs for homes between 100 m² and 140 m² are € 100 per month. The service costs for homes of 140 m² and larger is € 200 per month.


Charges for facilities & services

Residents only pay for the services, facilities and care that they actually use. If a resident is entitled to statutory coverage for certain types of care, this applies to Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve too and the resident does not need to pay any additional costs. Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve will help residents in the claim procedures for care.


Extra bedroom

Most homes of 85m2 and upwards have the option of an extra bedroom at an additional charge. When choosing a residence, we will do our utmost to meet the space preferences (subject to availability).


Balcony / Storage

Every residence includes a personal balcony and a storage facility in the cellar. These are included in the rent.



Private parking spaces in the semi underground garage below the De Leyhoeve can be rented for € 60 per month. There are several lifts from the garage direct to each floor. There will be a free open carpark at the front of De Leyhoeve for visitors and residents. However, we cannot guarantee that there will always be space.

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