‘Heart and soul: the story behind the Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve concept and how we got this far. A concept born from the heart!’

The story behind De Leyhoeve is special and personal. The infinite passion, determination and the vision that emerged from it has found like-minded people; has brought people together; has joined hands and pushed the boundaries that were in need of pushing. It is time for a new impetus, a new way of looking at hospitality and care, a new interpretation of ‘Growing old together in comfort’.

Anyone that has wandered along the Moerse Pad path along the Wilhelminakanaal canal from Tilburg towards Dongen has undoubtedly seen it – the pine green bench, on concrete legs, firmly embedded in the clay of the dike. A bench with history. If you look closely, you will see that the initials ‘T&H ’ are carved into the wood of the top plank. The passing of time has not weathered the bench. This is exactly what Toon intended when he carved the letters as a 15 year old for his girl, Heleen. He wanted to carve a memory. That day, he brought her to the bench  and covered her eyes with his hands whispering “This is for you”. That bench became their anchor, the place to return to together time and time again.

They returned regularly, year in, year out. Until the day that their lives suddenly took a different turn. The inseparable couple were suddenly separated. Heleen needed care and could not stay at home anymore. She was cared for elsewhere by others. Toon’s heart broke. He asked himself how someone could get better being cared for in a place where he or she is only passing through. One of the many. This was not what he had promised her.

Sitting on the bench, missing her head on his shoulder, everything became clear. What does not exist, you build. His experience as a property developer came in useful. He knew many people in that world who wanted to help him. They understood that things could be different. He knew that something had to change. He wanted to build a residential landscape where people, wherever they came from, could stay as long as they wanted. A residence with a heart. The location was found quickly – on the southern outskirts of Tilburg, close to the Leijpark Park and the Elizabeth hospital.

In the near future, if you walk over the Driehuizendijk dike from the park towards Hilvarenbeek you will see it: ‘Welcome to De Leyhoeve’ on the board at the entrance. A prominent and proud sign that anything is possible. Welcome to Woonlandschap de Leyhoeve, Tilburg.

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